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Art and Workshops of Nydia M. de Keyzer

( Koaniani)

Nydia M. de Keyzer (photo by Nydia 2009 Aruba)


Nydia is an Artist of extraordinary sophisticated Computer-Art. She designs Conciousness-Art for an increasing number of people. Men and women who believe in changing themself by traveling into their inner world to reach to the stars, galaxies and back again. On these light-journeys we are being recalculated into becoming an evolving humanity.              written by Dan Visser



Teaching and sharing these techniques and insights for THOSE who desire to actualise deeper consciousness layers.You can reach me at

My Art is for sale. See: Clay sculptures/ WaterWorlds/ 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 /2012 and 'Sub-Quantum Art'.


Nydia's background

She is a registered general and psychiatric nurse since 1972, trained in the Netherlands. Nydia (I am) a general and psychiatric nurse, educated in the Netherlands. As a Sufi I was initiated into the Sufi Healing Order by Pir Vilayat Khan. In Taos Pueblo, New Mexico I was adopted by two Native American Indian Grandfathers (Grandpa Joe & Grandpa John Gomez) with whom I studied Shamanic focus and psycho-navigation in the Native American Indian Church. Later I studied ritual trance-postures with the antropologist dr. Felicitas Goodman of the Cuyamungue Institute. Her discovery and teaching of Shamanic body postures through the deep understanding of different brainwaves: (a legacy of ancient cultures), have become a source of other dimensional information on sites of antiquity. I practised and teach this Shamanic approach on different continents. Felicitas' techniques speciffically rely on inductive sound rythm and breath.  After these channels were more deeply opened I received Guidance from inner realms where I was trained to soul-travel. Through extreme relaxation keeping extreme alertness, my consciousness was taken on journeys across the universe in order to remember my soul-journey through different consciousness realms (star-journeys).  I have conducted workshops, Shamanic journeys and lightbody journeys in India, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Curacao, Australia, Egypt, South Africa and earthgrid places in North America.


Nydia (I) was born on Aruba. The visionary aspect of life is an always present reality.
This expresses itself through the highly evocative and luminous Art (digital art and drawings of intricate sub-layered 2 dimensional building blocks). This creates deeper insights into an always expanding cosmology (from a big bang to a double torus universe) and growing of a spiritually integrated daily life. The Ceramics bring me closer to Earth and Earth comes closer to me,  as in  co-creating in Earth realities. Animating a so- called 'inanimate' element through a balanced sensory receptiveness  and openmindedness brings joy of a -for me- newly discovered vocation with deep echo's of a past and future.. ENJOY
Nydia and Dan are available for workshops.
Nydia M. de Keyzer
the Netherlands.


This website is hosted by webspacedesign, designed and edited by Nydia M. de Keyzer and Dan Visser www.darkfieldnavigator; all rights reserved by Nydia M. de Keyzer, January 2009. Moving into 2012