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© Nydia M. de Keyzer 2008/2009

You have arrived upon a newly discovered world positioned within the "Goldilock-Zone" of a Solar system located in 'Fomalhaut'. The light, temperature and water,- in support of life as we know it- was found to be similar as on planet Earth.

Surrounding these planets there are different types of space-stations where humans are being adjusted for different purposes. In one type of station, people are being trained to move within fluctuating gravity fields, densities and starlight frequencies. Within the other station, a specialized higher evolutionary 'OR' station training program is being orchestrated. Through the very nature of the geometry and crystaline materials within plasma ships consciousness inductions take place. Awareness of 70 generations of an entire Earth time-cycle of 5200 years is being processed and analysed by the Humans who have chosen to pass through these transmutations. New inner platforms for higher mind realities  feeling and application of spirit based technologies are being designed.The OR ship constantly supports these processes within the humans. It parttakes of the unique processes because of the bio engineered crystal-bioplasmic-synaptic linking which makes the ship sentient.

In the longer run these higher evolutionary humans are to become overseers of the new worlds. They are the bridge between all they have awakened to and are ignitors of cultural, spiritual and evolutionary inspirations for the unfoldment of the changing species upon these worlds.



In the second type of space stations Humans are also becoming sub-atomically re-spatialised within their physical body. Here, the process is a slower one where people remember their Earthly Self as a species having crawled out of the cocoon of many struggling lifetimes where they had to conquer a mental, physical and emotional virus. This virus was bred into the human genome after "creator-gods" decided that their first creation of the Alpha Human was too perfect. They experienced the accute awareness of the created human being in this Universe as a threath to their own superior but wisdom-lacking-intelligence...(read the PopolVu). The engineered effect of this introduced virus caused humans to experience the same spectrum of lower density anomalies as their creators. This virus consisted of short strands of programmed DNA and sometimes RNA capable of projecting shortlived neural bursts directing lower emotional frequencies causing rage and other uncontroled behaviour with devastating effects...

© Nydia M. de Keyzer

'Waterworld' is a special opportunity to experience the absense of this virus and explore a whole new frequency range which was originally part of the Human experience in an other world.

The original intentions of the humans who arrived in this Galactic zone was completely different from what it finally became. The reason for this is that the whole environment carried such elevated life and consciousness blueprints, that the whole planning needed to be revised. Solar lensing being effected from a different angle of our MilkyWay Galaxy caused the virus to die. This sparked a whole new series of insights and perspectives in the Humans. The first effect involved realisations concerning unusual qualities and information carried by the light and waters of this world.

© Nydia M. de Keyzer

Located in this brave new world "The Spectral Darkfield Telescope" is a serially linked instrument measuring the flow, behaviour, location, effect (upon matter and light) of dark matter and dark energy in the Universe. The concept and visionary imaging (as above, by N.M. de Keyzer) for this exploration-is- inspired by deducted formulas discovered by Dan Visser and translations thereoff into applicable Terra-technology.This process is being assisted and monitored by entities who allready know how to harness dark matter and dark energy for transportation, de-materialisation, materialisation and accummulation hereoff through flybyes near smaller suns like Earths' Sun.

This image comes from the SOHO website ^ and has been now here processed by a 3D translating program.

1 suncruiser image, 3 projections

           DAWN of a new step.(on water)                                                  © Nydia M. de Keyzer

SOLAR WORLD HORIZON  The golden spheres as living spaces draw light from a watery sun - a light that supports feeding properties of the watery world in the form of colorfull algae.The water is being harvested from it's algae and what is left is being returned through the waterfall.                                                         © Nydia M. de Keyzer (all rights reserved) January 8 2012