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Nibiru Art


this image= © Nydia M. de Keyzer, your cosmic hostess, leading you through many different worlds.                                                                                                                                                                                       


The world of Nibiru and their inhabitants revolve around gold and water on this side of their planet.
Their spirituality, dreams and creativity expresses itself around these two elements as Cosmic Archetypes.
They found a way to create thoughtforms that circulate inside their waterplants, comparable to the Tibetans, when they turn their prayer wheels in order to project a frequency message.
This water is charged and programmed through gold particles which they infuse into the water under great pressure.
At sometime these thought forms are being renewed through water implosion and etheric charges.
Elaborate group processes of refined luminous dreaming precede these charges/changes.

This image resembles one such a plant.

© Nydia M. de Keyzer

All this came about when great quantities of gold were found inside a particular field of Asteroids.
After having extracted these enormous quantities of gold from these Asteroids, there was no longer a need or fear for lack anymore.
Finally the serious predicament of the atmospheric breakdown of Nibiru was resolved.
The repair of their planetary atmosphere was no longer in jeopardy.
Knowing that their homeplanets' atmosphere was in a state of equilibrium for a long time to come. (about 1500 times 3600 Earth years. One unit being the amount needed for a safe cycle).
It was like they had found their Holy Graal..
They had realised that this was their learning curve as a species, knowing interconnectedness through co-responsibility with their home world in all it’s aspects and place of Nibiru in the Universe.
It had put them through many cycles of strife, hatred, piratery, greed and desperation.
Nibiruans have encountered all that's involved in learning how to deal with spaceflight, technology, psychology, genetics and otherworldly time cycles.
They are an incarnate Higher evolutionary world..

  Instead of stockpiling their gold in hidden places, the Nibiruans have freed themself from the negative projections so often connected to gold on lower worlds.
They had come to create huge ingenious gold plated sculptures, inspiring their imagination.
In this way they seeked to refine their connection to higher spiritual worlds.

Nibiruans have been creator-gods on different planetary systems.
In honour of -and dedication to- those ingenious female ancestors, they created the sculpture of the SWAN.
The emanation of this sculpture is influenced by Beings from the Sunfrequency of Regulus.
These are one of the many beings they met on their journeys across the galaxy.
The Buddhaic nature of the beings from Regulus had a deep impact on their consciousness.

This is an impression.

© Nydia M. de Keyzer

The swan

The whole population was aware of the different properties of the gold they had aquired in such large quantities. Not only for the reasons that were obvious to them, but the effect of the other processes that involved the burning and purification of the gold into 'white powder gold'.

© Nydia M. de Keyzer

Inside a structure resembling this sphynx-like sculpture, initiations for many different lucid states of being were conducted and explored.

NIBIRU-GATE   The creative mind is bringing forth vista's like this as a platform of inspiration towards higher evolutionary imagineering  (being the engineer of your imagination)   February 16-2010                                    © Nydia M. de Keyzer