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Nydia & Dan


Nydia is within the facility of this workshop a teacher of tranceposture techniques,various forms of shamanism and interdimensional -light- work. (see yellow flyer)

These will be exciting weekend workshops in which also Dan's lecture is embedded:


(Dan's dark field below the quantum dynamics inter-related to human conscIousness).

Dan is an independent cosmologist/ physicist and art painter. He presents his own publications on the internet and finds increasingly more acknowledgements for his insights.Dan has liberated himself from a science elite who can only accept progress by using their own methods.

INFO : (posted March 21-2008)


There is no final way to describe what a tranceposture is... One could say that there are very clearly defined bodypostures which carry within their form a characteristic tone or set of harmonic colours like a landscape or world in which one can find lost parts of our interconnectedness with the Universe. The bridge towards these realms is being created by a rhytmic stimulus like a drum or a rattle beating to a Theta brainwave frequency. There appears to be a devision between an upper world, a middle world and a lower world. All have their own ways and place within the whole. The animals encountered represent 'powers' which might be translated as Archetypes ( as in Jungian terms). Experience these worlds and strengthen the harmonious buildingblocks of our Earth..We intend for these postures to be a platform towards a deeper understanding of our life and an energetic base carrying us towards 2012 and beyond. What we experience and express during the ecstatic trance appears to be embedded in the psi layers that are shifting from the unmanifest towards a manifestation in the 3D reality. We merge with a 'blueprint' which aligns us directly to Spirit and higher sciences.


2nd. Upcoming workshop March 11, Tuesday, 2008


In Whitefeather, Piscadera Bay Resort. Tel: 462-7866



Below Quantum Dynamics.

An evening of Lightbody Boosting through 12 strand DNA initiation.

Cutting edge information and discussion of Quantum Spirituality.

Lightbody journey through consciousness expansion.

AFl. 90,-

by: Nydia Keyzer (soulnavigation) and Dan Visser ( spiritual physics)




March 7th. at the home of Piti tel. 7375652, or send her an e-mail

supplement session:


by Nydia M. de Keyzer and Dan Visser

TIME: 20.00 - 22.30 hrs.

Reduced price: FL. 35,-


1st. Upcoming Workshop February 29, 2008, Curacao (Netherlands Antillies).


SUBJECT: Lightbody Booster.

INFO: email: or




The focus of the evening will be towards the 12 strands DNA
Feel the different "zones" in-, through and around your body.
I mean the mental sphere, the "feeling / emotional" area and the "grounding" area.
Scan up and down your body , in and out several times like in waves.
Through all these motions and shifting of your awareness, allow for a 'charge' to build up.
After a mild buildup of charge, use your consciousness to move outwards in a circle around you, feeling the charge reaching towards the more extended bodies and take that back in towards your physical body.
When you are in the extended state, resonate with your timeless self and acknowledge your multidimensional self.
After the sequencing of these motions just 'drop' inwards towards your inner center and sit there for a while.
After sitting there in your inner center, gently wave outwards again uniting all the different feelings and observations, then return towards your inner center again. This is how you come out of this particular exercise.



The basic principle of all activities in this time is Metatron's recalculation.
This is being explained during the evening.
The journey is a form of popping out and popping in again.
This is a basic preparation for all evenings.
We will go into very sophisticated forms of viewing and experiencing by inviting the recalculated frequencies.




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