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Previous Articles

1. Dream and message from inside the Pyramid.

Copyright/ written by: Nydia M. de Keyzer

October 2003

This dream presents itself more as a myth, an experience or a source of information that goes further than the general dreams where we process our daily events.

I find myself inbetween a group of men and women inside the middle pyramid, representing the star: Al Nilam in the belt of ORION.

The room gives the impression of an auditorium with a low stage.
There are about 50 of us.
It is very bright inside the pyramid. A milky white light shines into a space that has a golden quality of itself.
From my perspective the stage is on my left side, and I am facing forward as if I can see through the walls. There is an opening of light to the outside.
I feel that we have been working inside the pyramid. Preparing on a mental level and on an energetic light level for things to come.
I know that before the moment I find myself in, we, the whole groop has been prepared to complete and fulfill a mission that will take us out of anything we have known before

My entrance into the dream starts just when the instructions have been completed.

When we prepare ourselves to move towards the exit, one of the instructors, walks tall and powerfull behind us all.

It feels asif we are being enveloped with a magnetic band keeping us together.

The being feels physically taller and exudes tremendous power of a feminine nature. But I can not be sure, as this happens behind me.

I wonder if She was sitting on a horse..

She does not feel like she has the same scope of consciousness as we have in that moment.

Then She goes toward the exit, right infront of me. That much I can see.

We are being locked inside.

Eventhough we know that we all are there together, the next phase is more focussed on myself as an individual locked up inside the pyramid.

I feel a sense of timelessness coming over me, and I know that all others are experiencing similar states.

Inside this timelessness there are many choices.

These choices are being made by ourself. It moves me between finding something important enough to pay attention to, or choosing for annihalism, that things don't matter anyway, and everything is an illusion.

It was and is up to each one of us to discern one way or the other.

There were no guidelines other than the degree to wich we are able to see the consequenses of our actions. The ability to see what was needed , how much and when. The ability to sense that what we decide will ultimately be towards the good of the whole.

Choices that may have been at times totally illogical, in order sometimes to re balance something that was out of balance, but only you could see that at that time.
Situations where the outside morality or statusquo would press you to behave different, and you don't comply..

I feel that what we experience effects everyone else to a degree upon the planet.

That adds to the weighing of every choice.. But the choices must be made, or I would lose someting, that would pull me possibly out of the transmutation/ transfiguration we all are in.

After all we we're here beause we have been prepared and selected .

Also through our conscious choice,s eventhough not knowing exactly what we were in for.. .Sounds familliar??? Yes, isn't it??

Life after life unravels this way as we are locked into the pyramid.

Around me there are becoming less and less of us that are connected in this way, and I sense the loss of those whot do not remember any more..

The groop is small now.

I begin to feel that the pyramid is my body, and remember how the structure of the pyramid is deeply embedded into the greatest magnification of our blood.

The GOLDEN mean in the measurement of our bones, and the Spirit blueprint in the 70 to 90% of the water we are made of..

Now the transmutation and the realities of being inside the pyramid start changing, from the moment I began to see and experience, that it was my body, the Pyramid, that needed to be involved too , not only mind and Spirit.

The pyramid resonates with the body, the VESSEL.
I AM the LIGHT within the Pyramid, the Vessel.Also, the IAM Light from within the consciousness inside the pyramid, is the Light that spurrs the consciousness and rememberinge inside my body....

In this way the experience presents itself within me in this moment - in and out of time-.

Now that I am aware of all this in the dream, I see the pyramid becoming transparent.

I see outside the pyramid water. Beautiful blue water.

The Pyramid is moving toward a place looking like where a boat can dock in a harbour.
For the few that have kept their conscious link there is a chance to step out......
What I see and realise is that this all is possible now and the lock has been opened, but... I see that the capstone of the pyramid is not yet lit..
There is an understanding that this would be the completion of the whole journey inside the pyramid, inside the pyramid body.
I see how it can become a reality, where the beta consciousness becomes the dream and the delta and theta state the reality.

Life is to become more dreamlike, and the dream becomes the greater reality.

Consciousness is the responsibility taken for one's actions, either way.

The dream has most often been inside the projected temporary body seeing sometimes glimpses of the original journey that is going on inside the pyramid.

But now we are very close to coming full circle!!

So we can see on a planetary scale what goes on behind the curtains.

Now there can be the shift from the small dream to the greater reality inside the timeless body of the great pyramid.

The great pyramid is the vehicle that will be activated to function as it takes flight.
That's the one.
That is the eternal body out of time for now that has been kept alive through all the apparent bodies of many lifetimes.. Being the keeper of the Record.

End of dream . . .


2. Zero Light Retreat or Bardo Retreat

Copyright/ written by: Nydia M. de Keyzer

October 2003

This retreat emerged originally out of one of the 112 Keys to the Mystery Within.Practises described by Lord Shiva in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

A tantra (as in technique/ method/ path), known by Tibetans, Shiva's meditations, the Sufi's, the Kogi Indians from Colombia, Balinese babies and the Essenes.
Why would anyone even consider stepping into a situation where you would lock yourself in and blind out all incoming light? And this for several weeks on end.....?
Well, I am one of those people who did..
The most important reason why I wanted this experience, has come from an inner need to explore the Bardo' or direct afterlife state in the way the Tibetans describe this in their Book of the Dead the Bardo ThÖdol
Some other reasons were to explore more of my inner senses.
To discover other and perhaps more hidden aspects of myself, while being very much in the body, and feeling very much alive.
I wanted to observe and experience the changes in my hormonal and nervous system while being totally deprived of sun, moon, starlight or any other artificial light.
This time around it would be for a longer time than the 9 days zero light retreat I had made the year before in 1998.
So... the time arrived to step out of the sunlight program.
(For clarity's sake I like to say that I had made other types of retreats before: group retreats and individual retreats.)
Adding to this, friends and people who know me, know that my orientation is very much a solar one, as I have been teaching groups about our Solar light vehicle and Sun- Hopping in order to ease the body and mind to the higher photonic light frequencies entering our Solar system since while and for many years to come.
When this light is coupled to your conscious awareness, you can ignite your soul memory right back into your body memory.)
--------------------- This is a condensed and selective account of a series of experiences that have occured during my second Bardo' retreat, starting mid January till the end of the first week of February 1999.
When I entered the Zero Light retreat for the first time, it lasted 9 days. The second time 19 days with the same companion of that time, who had practised this retreat at least 4 times before.
In search of the absense of light.
We had rented a small holiday cottage on an island in the north of Holland. There were dunes around the small house and the sea was close enough to feel it, being only less then half a mile away.
I had come to know this beautiful couple on the island. They were friends of my companion and had made this retreat several times before in the same cottage.
There had been years when 7 different people were taking their turn, to make their zero light' retreat in this same cottage.
Four of us were working together to make the cottage lightproof with black tarpaulin on the inside of the windows, and then we covered wood pannel boards over the external side of the windows.
All this was blocking the sun's light from coming in through the cracks near the windows and doors.
We used many rolls of thick black sticky tape with layers of aluminum foil to do the finer work inside the cottage.
It is very surprising to see how light enters from the tiniest cracks and pinholes creating bundled sprays of light, fanning pathways into the emerging blackness inside the house.
All of this persistant random light must be illiminated.
Preparing in this way becomes a paradoxical metaphor for the struggle of Light versus Darkness, because here you are looking for the creation of a dark space. I allowed this to enters deep into my awareness.
This is the beginning of what darkness can teach you! Also there and then you decide to either judge darkness and fight it or let go of the indictrinated meaning of the dark.
This is not for people who are afraid of the dark, unless you decide to overcome this fear.
When you make a retreat for this length of time, and actually any length of time, you must think your preparations through.
It is absolutely wonderful to have some friends who can re energize you with fresh food and the different items you obviously need over such a long time.
Our special friends came once a week and passed our food through a dark corridor that was created for this purpose, while we stayed in the other side of the cottage.We never entered into the light while they were setting the table twice during these 19 days and nights.
These dear friends knew what we might be going through, because they had been there several times themself.
If you want to experience gratefullness, this is one of the ways to practice receiving! .
But before all this we started off with a very good and thorough shopping of food that would last long,would be nutritious and not be messy, since we would also have to prepare our meals in the dark!
You must plan and think things through!
For instance things like turning off the small light in the refridgerator and like having a water cooker without a warning light. You will benefit by taping off the light switches, in order to avoid switching on the light accidentally.
Pull out any TL tubes; they glow in the dark!.
Unplug TV's and put laptop computers away. They radiate a greenish light ! No gas cookers, no electric stoves.
This means an adjusted diet of soups, breads, carrots and salads, canned food, dried and fresh fruits like apples pears tangerines and oranges; cereals, tea, coffee, and vitamins.
-Through your adjusted sight in the dark you will discover all the glow in the dark' objects within 3 hours after having entered total darkness-.
Before you finally enter into the retreat, you go through the house and especially the kitchen and bathroom.
Take time to imprint where all the items are!! and make sure that you have the discipline to place everything back exactly where you took it from. Even more so when you are with more people.
This is a must, as you can well imagine.
In the most condensed way I can, I will give you an account of an experience that I have come to love, in it's simplicity and effectiveness, for braking through the illusions of many conditionings in my life. It has allowed me to enter more fully into the spirit of the time I am living in.
For sure this is a subjective account, but being born living and dying might be the perfect examples of a subjective experience!
At the same time, there is SO much we all have in common that these so called subjective experiences have become mapped out and explored to such depth, that we know for sure that there is infinitely more to explore of who and what we are.
During the retreat we both had the impression that there appeared to be distinct energetic cycles waving through roughly every three days.
The first three days I experienced being very tired.
There is� much sleeping and dreaming in the beginning. Our body goes through tremendous hormonal changes when it is being deprived of light. To monitor this biochemically would be a whole interesting study in itself.
I came to experience and understand the literal meaning of light' being food'.. I was finding out how my own natural biorhytm patterns cycle without the direct and directing influence of the Sun or the Moon. Also not to be under the influence of the cycles or habits of other people made a distinct impression.
This was a valuable discovery creating much freedom in my mental and emotional body.
It is such a relieve to be able to take the time to look into all of these aspects of influences coming towards oneself and how I influence my environment and implement all kinds of conditionings which are not my own when I am not aware of what I create in this respect.
Finally to let go of it all.
Even if you might not be able to sustain this level of awareness all the time, at least you have experienced it and know how it feels and can make an efford to return to this state.
There are a number of veriables in the manifestation of these cycles. For instance, you may find yourself sleeping in the day and being awake in the night. You might have on and off naps all through the day and night.
There were occurances of sleep/awake shifts from midday till midnight, or the other way around. At some point I remember contemplating a 23 or 25 hour rythm that gave me the feeling as if I could attune myself to the revolving cycle of our Sun or an other planet alltogether, like Mars for instance. But eventually you really will re-callibrate your systems to what suits you best.
This deep alignment in itself may cause such feeling of wellbeing and comfort, making it clear, that in our natural state we are blissful beings! Perhaps in a biochemical research it will show what hormons are also responsible for the feeling of wellbeing.
What you find may surprise you.
Your physical, mental and emotional state is going into a detoxification that consists of many layers.
The beauty of such a long retreat is that you have the time to be observant to it all.
Darkness itself is a Teacher, totally personal and� surprisingly direct.
The moment one's focus is not in the present, it is possible to bump into a wall or door of which you were convinced was in an other direction or even in an other room.
A good metaphor prompting me let go of rigid convictions!
The practise is to re-align, re- orient and re-direct yourself, and have fun with it too!
I took very special care when I was making a hot beverage. To boil water (in the watercooker that has no light) and to pour some hot liquid into a cup, flask or plate takes the utmost concentration.
This is an extremely direct practise teaching and activating hyper alertness in all your senses.
I found tremendous pleasure in working in the kitchen and making tasty salads, soups and porridges.
The soft sizzling sound of the hot water poured onto an instant Japanese noodle soup was accompanied by shimmering soft glowing bubbles of light bubbling slowly over the edge of the bowls. When I showed it to my companion he could see exactly the same thing. It became like a great gift and a simple source of fun to observe this phenomena. This evoked different feelings and insights into the chemical process, inviting me to look even deeper into the shimmering, as if I could see little tiny bubbles of light, like opalescent champagne.
Allow yourself always to feel what presents itself in the moment.
Trust what you experience. It is excactly the perfect way to move into the reality you are seeking and what you carry within you.
The dreams in the first few days involve the immediate past, going back to the previous 6 months.
If you keep a journal as I did, use a large pad, so you can write large and with focus, keeping your finger at the beginning of every sentence.
Looking back now, I think, that writing might have been a fundamental practise and a preparation to an experience that I could not have intended, imagined or even wished for, as it took me totally by surprise.
I will come to that in a bit.
After the first cycle of adjusting, I entered into a natural flow, which took me into a deeper inner state. This comes from relaxing and learning to trust and befriend the darkness.
Just recently I came across a passage in Osho's book, The Book of Secrets. Here it states: The Essenes' is the only tradition in the world which says that God is absolute blackness, just an infinite black night (page 721).
Because of the sounds of the seabirds and animals I could always clearly distinguish between day and night. Also the feeling inside and around the house changed in such a way that you will just know the difference.
Walking through the house, especially in the night time, we both became aware of pockets of darkness'.
Eventhough it was pitchdark, there seemed to be patches of lighter and denser darkness. It happened several times in those 19 days that when I was walking through the room, I would bump my head against a cloud of intense black and velvety soft something, that realy would tickle me into laughter, most of all because it was so full of the absense of light and so lovely soft, like the softest fur you can imagine. The paradox would touch me deeply and bring tears to my eyes. Pitch black darkness filling you with a feeling of love and laughter.
It is important to mention that we were in a state of absolute total soberness and that there was no use of any substance that could influence our perception.
Sitting at times so quietly, unmoving and totally present and aware, the walls of the small cottage would dissolve, and my awareness and looking would go into the earth and into the sky, or, right into the howling energy of a winter storm.
We started to be able watch the earth magnetic field in this darkness. This became a night time witnessing, as the shapes, layers and light emanations would change from day to day and from hour to hour.
These forms resemble the aurora borealis, the Northern lights, that is seen near the north pole.� This was not a subjective phenomena, but something we both saw in the dark, and we both could observe the changing patterns and described it to each other.
There was one clear pattern that appeared like long bed sheeds of soft light as if hanging on a clothline.
Very slowly waving.
If it was very quiet, I could almost hear the harmonic tones that would go with it.
I imagine that this phenomenon could resemble the �song-lines' the aborigines of Australia talk about, and that those places with a very distinct sound and form would be named after the sound of the song-lines' present there. The name of the place Wollong Gong in Australia could be one of these names.
Then there were the horizontal bars of light. Sometimes the upper part of the room would be lit in a soft light and sometimes the lower part.
Once in a while we would put on music and dance.
Yes for sure, we were not alone, and yes, we were aware of other pressences being with us.
There was one occation where we both felt that the surrounding space was full of beings, when we were dancing. It was a crowd!
Quite often I had the experience when I was sleeping that I was woken up by a light that was as bright as the sun's light. Regularly there would be a large ball of bright light above my head, as I rested in bed, which in the beginning gave me the impulse to turn off the light. It was a different kind of light but at times it was incredibly bright.
We were listening to some tapes from the Keys of Enoch' (J.J.Hurtak) and doing the light excersises. The triangulations with the Holy Names in your energyfield and the Pillar of Light connections. I also was chanting and toning.
This is not the place to elaborate on the content. If this evokes special feelings in you, then you will find a way to research this and you will come by the same informaton I am speaking of.
The dreams will take you into deeper and deeper layers of your self, pacing exactly the right sequence of discovering the deep inner, when you invite and allow this.
--Here you find the reason to go into this retreat.--.
After about the 9th or 10th day, I began to be able to see into the buildingblocks of matter. It just happened. Looking beyond the sense of time and the sense of space, there were tiny particles of soft vibrant light, very slowly moving as on a lattice, a grid, woven by lines of light.
By simply sitting in the peacefullnes of the night time I became aware of a softer shimmering light beyond the lattice on which the particles were moving, as if I was looking into primordial existence. I use the word primordial, because of the feeling that was emittedby this light.
It had a strong pull on me.
I saw a source of Lifeforce waving in sheats of shimmering golden light, like a Sun beyond a Sun, calling.
It filled me with awe and made me very very quiet. It was calling from very far away, but being right here all the time very very close by..
I was listening, and looking.
I was watching a lattice of light particles slowly moving and shifting, like a curtain shielding this primordeal light behind it from shining directly.
I could sense tremendous power and consciousness being inherent in this light behind the veil.
I noticed that I had the desire to remove this curtain, but was also afraid to do so. It was as if by looking and focussing on this light beyond, that all matter would fall away, but I went only so far as to open it up just a bit, to make it enter the here and now just a bit more.
At this stage it did not make any difference having my eyes open or closed. The outside was inside and the inside was same as the outside.
The real wood in the cottage emanates light energy that is being perceived very clearly. The wood must be still alive.
Plastics look very different and have a dull lifelessness.
Everything was happening in such a lovely flow.
Around one of these times my companion was taking a long bath, that is such a wonderful experience during this time.
I past by the open bathroom door and saw a wave of lightpatterns like flowers waving out of the bathroom. Like a bouquet of white petalled flowers of light.
So lovely.
Looking back now into this particular phenomenon, I think that it might have been the pattern of the flowerbase in the bath soap that recreated itself in the lightpatterns carried by the dampness, the waterparticles in the air.
The phenomenas kept on presenting itself, one after the other like discovering a whole new world that has always been there but I had never seen in this way before.
There is a whole range of experiences, as you can imagine, that fill the 19 days. But for now I like to keep the focus on the progression and unfolding, the opening of this inner sight.
Some time during day 16, 17, 18, of the retreat, there came a moment that I can recall very clearly, when I looked at my companion standing in the livingroom, in this pitch blackness now already for two and a half weeks.
A soft light came from his body.
When I� looked closer I could see his ribs emanating a soft pattern of silvery light. Looking still closer I could see the form of the liver and the undulations of his stomach and intestines.
I looked into his heart and could see inside his heart.
There was a small very beautiful bright platinumlike light, like a pearl or a small white sun.
I knew I was witnessing something very sacred.
Very gently I reached out to touch him. When I did this very slowly, I could not feel the beginning of his body!
This frightened me quite a bit. I felt I could reach in and touch his heart behind the sternum! So I took my hand back, because I did not know where this would lead to and was very careful.
I kept on looking into all his chakra's from the front and the back and took a chair to look into his crown chakra. I got so exited and laughed and was awestruck at the same time
In that moment I knew I had reached a border reality that gave me some insights into a form of healing that could happen on this level. This was on the day before the last of the retreat.
This is as far as I went on this light experience level.
There is one of the lucid dreams/visions I had during this time that I would like to share in this account, mainly because of it's redemptive quality. Also as an example of a typical Bardo dream.
My comment before I tell this lucid dream is that I accept all the characters in this vision to be aspects or archtypes being within myself, and also having a reality outside myself.
Vision/ dream.
I find myself in a desert. The sand is softly golden and the temperature is warm and almost balmy. It feels like I entered a time from before Atlantis/ Lemuria. (Time here, as in layers of reality).
I walk next to a man that feels to me like walking with a Christ. He brings me to the entrance of a huge temple complex that, except for the entrance, is completely hidden underneath the golden sand. There are two flights of stone stairs leading from the left and from the right, meeting in the middle and going down into the complex.
Taking the right side of the stone steps, He gestured with His hand for me to wait there where the stone steps went further down.
I see forms, shapes and symbols engraved in the stone walls leading down.
It feels more ancient then from before ancient times.
I see Him going in.
There is something strange there, because I see Him going up in and down in at the same time.
I can see through the sand and the stones and see how He enters a large and very high room, made out of huge slabs of stone.
Everywhere He goes He carries with Him this from the Golden Source Sun that lays beyond the lattice of the particles of excistence.
In the large room lit with His Light, He meets with an other being. This being comes from the left, from deep below and carries the absense of light with him. I know his name but do not want to write it down.
They meet very quietly and I get the feeling that they know each other very well too, as if they are brothers of some kind.I cannot discern that any word is being spoken, but I can feel that He is speaking on my behalf about something that He wants to be released connected to me. I am watching very attentive and feeling quietly what I am feeling.
For sure there is a very quiet communication going on without words. I feel how He is speaking for me. As He speaks' about these things, and appears to build a case on my behalf I sense shifts inside myself that occur on a core level.
Then there comes an agreement, I passed the examination so to speak and the other entity goes away. Now I can follow behind Him, as He goes deeper into the complex and further down.
His Light preceeds Him shining down into the temple.
I can see at the basin of a broad stone slope in the inner depth several sarcophagae and shapes of entities that are being attracted by His Light and to His Light. Something good happens for them too..Paradoxically but for me understandable I was already there and observed how He came down the slab stone.
I am looking into one of several tombs. It is half under water. There is decay and death in there. But when I look deeper into this decay I see one large eye in the middle of the sarcophagae. The eye is alive and sees!
At first I do not understand what to do and want to go back up. An entity from below follows me. I understand that this is not what I want, it does not feel right, so I go back down, and try to understand what to do I take the eye out of the death and decay, because it is alive and does not belong down there.. the eye is mine.Still now I am in the process of reuniting with my Eye (I) with the connection and support of the Light from Beyond the particles and lattice of matter..
This is an ongoing process, perhaps not even so much a personal one. I am aware of the collective qualities here too.
That is the reason I share this now.
Coming out of the retreat.
It is very important to prepare physically and mentally for the re-entrance into the light again.
Here I am indebted to the experience of my companion of that time.
It is good to come out of the retreat during night time as we did. It was a very close to full moon.
We took the time to adjust to a small candle light lit with our eyes closed and then turning our back towards the light, opening gently to the light.
Your head will start spinning, but after an hour or so you will adjust. Then we went outside of the cottage and felt the crispy cold of the winter night on the Island in the moon's light.
Within 15 minutes of being outside, my womb began to contract and I got my period! In my feeling this was the light programming from the moon immediately kicking in, activating my hormons.
We went inside again and went to sleep till the next morning and opened the windows and started to take everything down.
By early mid morning I was so sick from the day light that I had to vomit. That relieved much, also the headeache.
All the prime regulators of the brain make a total switch that is extreme.
Take at least 2 or three days to fully emerge into the world of the light.
There are different methods of going inward, for different people.
This is not for the people who have a fragile nervous or hormonal system, or who can not befriend the dark.
My wish is to be able to make the full 49 days of the Bardo at sometime during my lifetime.
I stopped right at a treshold that I know was perfect for me then and I feel a deep gratitude to all the people who co-created the platform on which I was able to make my retreat on the Island.
May we all inspire each other to discover more of what and Who we realy are!
Copyright:Nydia M. de Keyzer (Koaniani Amaloki)