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© Nydia M. de Keyzer

Rampant invisible forces are at work behind the scenes  in Central Africa.Nov. 2008)
These are the same forces that have been cause to the downfall of humanity to having become a warlike species locked into a 3 dimensional mindset with a dualistic face.

This “force”  is the same one which came between Adam and Eve and Cain agriculturist and Abel pasturalist.
Later, Abraham’s 2 sons from the women Hagar and Sara named Ishmael and Isaac.
They were the solid founders for a dispute and bloodshed that has lasted till this very day. Ishmael being the forefather of the Muslim/Arab peoples, and Isaac being the forefather of the Jews.

The “aspect idea” of one type of human to be supreme over an other type of human is created by the same thoughtform.
That which pits one tribe against the other.
Also the one family line being superior over the next or one skin color the length of the body or the content of the skull being reason to dominante has been the law of this world.
The difference between agricultarists and nomadic pasturalists became evident in ancient Egypt, when exploitation of the land was introduced alongside techniques for organised warfare (read killing).
This is a such a well known energy splitting up families and pitting members and sibblings agains each other that we do not recognise it as such anymore,.

The simplest way to understand this horror story is that IT is feeding time again in Africa.
And IT feeds on Human BLOOD..
Preferably blood that is filled with  hatred and  revenge at it’s moment of transition (death).
Such is this draconian throughtform.

In 1994 there were on this planet enough luminous humans who could co-create with the Legions of the ArchAngel Michael, one of our Ancient of Days Planetarian Guardians to stear these entities away from the feeding grounds in South Africa. This enabeled   a man like Nelson Mandela to come to power.
What these “lightworkers” working this way did not know yet at the time, was how to re-direct these feeding entities away in such a way that they could not repeat  their work of horror.
The southern tip of Africa became cleared for that time being, but..
What occured was that these entities migrated to Central Africa where they could connect to the Huttu’s and Tutsies to do their scavenging.
The vengence and anger of having had to leave their old feeding ground behind in South Africa was so intense that, in their frenzy, they migrated further northwards and found furtile ground in former Jugoslavia.

The same principle applied here: Two tribes, probably connected through common ancestors with different names for their god ending up killing each other in hatred and revenge.
Even after the war was ended, there still might be enough underground feelings of hidden revenge, that some untimely moment in the future the same massacre could be re-ignited and the big feast of blood and hate might create the next feeding frenzy...

It might take humans perhaps several generations  to study and remedy this situation..Hoping on visionary humans and dedicated higher evolutionary ignitors.

There is much that could be said about this anomaly in human history, but enough is said to have created some insight into a horrible picture.

It appears that there might be the next blood-feeding-time occuring in Congo, Africa, right at this moment.

This  should have the highest attention next to the transitiontime that is happening in America.
What happens in Central Africa concerns  us all!
It is the clearest crystallisation of the evil on this world working through human vessels.

But –what-  can we do??
It takes the willingness of individuals to connect with our enlighted  luminous ancestors who pledged long ago to be the Guardians of Earth.
It takes for the—individual-- to be the anchoring point upon the Earth to call and connect with our Earth Guardians.
Connect however  you choose through –feelings--, visualisations  or by –decree--.

We call upon the Christed Higher Evolutionary Blueprints to have the Law of the Higher Light Worlds implemented in the removal, dissolution or re-migration to a confined  location off our planet, where these entities can recycle and learn their own lessons without hampering the progress of planet Earth any longer!

These are the forcefields that can be visualised by projecting SHIMMERING PLATINUMLIGHT  shields carrying within themself  the Christed Blueprint for an awakened Humanity!
One layer in and upon the ground where the Huttu’s and Tutsies are walking.
Two shield layers of light in the sky.
One directly in the sky above the people in Congo and one layer of Christed platinum light in the ionosphere at the egde of the Earth’s atmosphere.

This energy work is part of our Human growing up.
We are learning that making clear choices –do- make a difference for the coming time.
The struggle is not over.
This is a story that has evolved over thousands of years, but the transition in TIME approaching the year 2012 must be a discontinuity for these events of horror and bloodshed!

Everytime you see these images on TV of the events in the Congo, you can visualise  this special light with this special intention!
Feel yourself connected and being a co worker for higher evolution upon Earth.
Practise intending as in bringing out your cosmic vote for our pressent and higher evolutionary future!

© Nydia M. de Keyzer